Ghosts of Gaddafi


Ghosts of Gaddafi is a powerful insight into Libya today told through the eyes of Libyans from all walks of life. Years after the revolution that saw the demise of Gaddafi’s heavy-handed control of all spheres of public and private life, the country has been plagued by a civil war that has seen tribal, regional and political loyalties tear the country apart. Our film asks what is required for peace to come back to this oil rich nation, and what the hopes and dreams of its citizens are, and almost without fail the answer is for peace, security and self-determination without influence from external forces.

Filmed on location in Libya during 2020 and 2021 from two sides of the civil war, Storyscope showed true metal in being able to access the front-lines of a complicated and fluid militarised environment. The film screened worldwide on CGTN's "Big Story" strand just before the Libyan elections in December 2021