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Faces of Africa


Storyscope and its founding partners have produced over 60 films across Africa for this much loved window into the continents soul. Broadcast worldwide on CGTN's "Faces of Africa" strand, we have worked in South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Namibia, Cape Verde, Mozambique and many other countries, profiling stories and characters as diverse as Hip Hop revolutionaries, environmental activists, business and cultural entrepreneurs, sports personalities, artists, creators and makers.

The Storyscope team has evolved to partner with fresh and dedicated producing talent committed to the Faces of Africa vision, all driven by a love for story, character and Africa‘s many vibrant personalities, constantly motivating us to search for more compelling narratives to entertain and educate CGTN’s audiences in a rapidly changing media environment in which Africa’s voice is rightfully taking its place on the global stage. 

Born Survivor tells the story of Regina Mary, a fierce and determined woman from Zambia born with Albinism, who strives everyday to overcome her past and live in the present where she is in control of her own narrative and lets her voice be heard. We follow Regina Mary on her journey as she prepares for her talk show “My Voice: Albinism the new Era” where she not only makes her voice heard but also the voice of her guests who will share the stage with her and have experienced discrimination and abuse because they are living with Albinism. We unpack the intersectional challenges that women with Albinism deal with in the face of abuse and how they find a way to survive the discrimination and get to a place of peace, healing, support and community.

Born Survivor | Part 1 Promo

Born Survivor | Part 1 Promo

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